Ubisoft’s big crossover first-person shooter, XDefiant, won’t be released until later this year. However, a short open beta will run until June 23. And after playing Ubisoft’s new Call of Duty shooter for a few hours, I’m surprised how much I like it. But I’m also afraid that it won’t stand out enough in a sea of high-quality and already popular PvP marksmans like Epic’s Fortnite or even Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege.

First announced in 2021 under the name Tom Clancy’s Xdefiant, Ubisoft’s next shooter game seems almost inevitable in retrospect. The game mixes several Ubisoft franchises such as Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs and FarCry into a single shared online FPS universe. At a time when everything in entertainment seems to be merging into one big piece of content, it’s not surprising that Ubisoft, a company no stranger to such crossovers, is jumping into the stew of the multiverse as Disney and Marvel have done before. Even Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed franchises are part of XDefiant, but only as decorations in the universe. (No, you’re not allowed to shoot Rabbids like Ezio, not yet, anyway.)

Anyway, after many closed online tests, Ubisoft has finally opened the game to everyone in this latest open beta version.

What are Xdefiant from Ubisoft?

The basic configuration of XDefiant is that the different Ubisoft franchises are divided into different factions. So, all the people from Splinter Cell are in one group and all the people from Ghost Recon are in another, etc. Each of these factions has its own abilities and equipment. Once you have chosen a faction, choose a team consisting of weapons, equipment and accessories. At any time in the modes I played in the beta version, you can respawn as a different faction or change your class. It’s strange that teams can be made up of characters from different factions, but this also allows you to play freely as you wish.

On the one hand, all this flexibility is good because you can experiment with it and try everything the game has to offer. On the other hand, this has the effect of making all fractions difficult to distinguish. This is especially strange, because once you enter a Match, everyone looks like soldiers or secret agents in Kevlar and jackets, which makes it difficult to tell at a glance whether this person can throw a shield, shoot a fire drone or turn invisible.

However, over the course of a few games, I’ve gotten better at seeing the differences in character models and learning who’s doing what. But the only reason I invested so much time in the beta in the first place is to shoot and act. He’s very, very good.

The weapons are loud, the players move quickly, the maps are designed to always jump into action and the death time seems long enough to escape the fights, but not so long that every battle is a disaster. This feeling is usually particularly difficult to achieve and is a great advantage for the beta version.

XDefiant is very similar to Call of Duty, but in a good way

For me, my favorite Call of Duty moment was during the Black Ops II and Advanced Warfare era. I felt that these games had found the perfect balance between quick actions, neat skills and gaming elements, and none of this seemed too over-the-top or too based on a boring reality. The last few Call of Duty games have gotten so slow and heavy that I just don’t enjoy them. XDefiant doesn’t feel like that at all. It’s reminiscent of the older and faster Call of Duty games.

I keep talking about Call of Duty because this game is very similar to Call of Duty. … You can’t ignore it. From the way the maps are presented to certain modes, like Domination, to the way you build classes and upgrade weapons; everything is very similar to CoD. But not Moderna cod, as I mentioned earlier. It looks more like the 2009-2014 era of Activision’s popular shooting game.

It seems almost too similar for its own good. Moderna marksmans consist mainly of real battles and mining games. It doesn’t work that way at all. It’s also not a hypertactic shooting game like some of the most popular games on Steam or a great actionfield à la actionBit style shooting game.

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