Today is the 32nd anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sega released a 20-minute Sonic Central showcase to talk about upcoming projects, and besides the conversations about upcoming 2D Sonic superstars, there were a lot of in-game announcements during the show. If you want to watch the entire broadcast, you can do so here. For those who just want the highlights, here’s everything you missed in the Sonic Central showcase.

Sonic Origins Plus

First was a look at Sonic Origins Plus, the expanded version of the original Sonic Origins, which brought together several classic games from the series’ 2D past. The compilation was released today, June 23rd and includes 16 games and adds Amy Rose as a playable character.

Sonic Frontiers: Sonic’s Birthday Party update

Sonic Frontiers is getting new content as part of a birthday update called Sonic’s Birthday Bash. In addition to Sonic, some new cosmetics, such as a party hat and cool sunglasses, there are also other significant changes to the game. One of the big additions is New Game+, but long-time Sonic fans will also be pleased to know that the Spin Dash, which allows Sonic to recharge into a ball to quickly get going, will be back in the update. The update is free and available now.

Roblox: Sound Speed Simulator

Sega is adding a new event to the Sonic Speed Simulator crossover on Roblox that unlocks a tuxedo sports Sonic skin. It’s playable today.

Sonic Prime

Sonic Prime, Netflix’s animated series about a multiverse version of Sonic and his friends, will receive new episodes on July 13. The new trailer shows the collaboration between Sonic and Shadow, as well as a robotic variant of Sonic multiverse. In addition to the new episodes, the endless runner Sonic Dash will be included in the Netflix game library as Sonic Prime Dash, which will include the various multiverse versions of the characters.

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