Final Fantasy XVI, the recent in the iconic series of Japanese role-playing games, offers a very different tone both in the story and in action. And with a huge story spanning Complex fictional political plots, it can all be a bit overwhelming. The good news, however, is that Final Fantasy XVI offers a number of settings that can help you customize the experience to your liking and even make it a little easier to play.

Whether you want to change the game’s action in your favor or keep an eye on the story a little easier, here are eight parameters to adjust.

Enable speaker names for subtitles

Final Fantasy XVI has a lot of characters and plot details — so many that there is a special feature that allows you to pause each cutscene using the PS5’s touchpad to search for characters and historical facts. But sometimes this “active contemporary story” is a little distracting and does not help during the game.

So if you’re having trouble separating Wade and Tyler, I might suggest turning on the speaker names in the subtitle settings. You can find it under system > language settings > speaker names. Subtitles must be enabled for this to have an impact, of course.

Now, not only will you see who is talking during a cutscene, but the jokes in the game will also be accompanied by character names. Much better.

Graphic mode or Framerate mode?

Final Fantasy XVI is a very nice game, but these graphics come at a price for the overall performance. As with many modern console games, the settings allow you to choose between prioritizing the beauty of the game (graphics mode) or the speed and fluidity of the animations (Framerate mode). But which one is better?

Well, Digital Foundry has a full breakdown of FFXVI’s visual presentation if you fancy a 35-minute deep dive. But I’ll give you the CliffsNotes.

For almost all use Event, you need to use the graphical mode. Not only does the frame rate mode struggle to maintain 60 frames per second stability outside of action, but even when it hits it, it sometimes comes at the expense of a low resolution of 720p. 720p was common in the Xbox 360 era—and on the Switch – but I know you haven’t tried it yet, and it’s not

Consider what kind of game It is: Final Fantasy XVI is an epic narrative game that will delight you with views and nice graphics. The frame rate mode introduces a remarkable texture, reduces the quality of the shadows and overall displays a more blurred image that simply does not like.

Yes, the Framerate mode seems smoother in action, but that’s really the only advantage. I would opt for greater visual fidelity in graphic mode.

Make Final Fantasy XVI easier with its assistance modes

Many modern games offer ways to optimize the difficulty, sometimes at very granular levels. Final Fantasy XVI is no exception here. Except that you will not find all these settings in the “system” menu of the game. Instead, some of the action parameters are adjusted by objects that can be equipped.

In the Pause menu, go to the Gear & Eikons tab. Just below your weapons and armor, you will see three accessory compartments under an icon that looks like a necklace. Here you equip Clive with accessories. Various accessories that can be used to start the game help to adjust the difficulty level of the game.

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