Final Fantasy XVI, a more action-oriented version of the RPG franchise, is clearly inspired by many other popular media. As Game Informer reported in May, Square Enix was inspired by hit movies and series like Game of Thrones, Godzilla and neon Genesis Evangelion during the game’s development. And it is this last source of Inspiration that catches the eye after players noticed a detailed homage to the Mecha animated series.

The user of the ResetEra forum, Lady Bow, posted a video comparing a action between the Anime protagonist Shinji Ikari and Sachiel in Tokyo – 3 of neon Genesis evangelion (a post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo) with a disastrous action between Phoenix and Ifrit in the early hours of FFXVI.

The Ifrit action (which, by the way, can be played in the demo!), takes place between two enchantments that manifest in FFXVI by essentially transforming the player into a giant Kaiju version of a deity. At the beginning of the game, one of the outposts of the fictional kingdom of Rosaria from the game is strikeed.

Phoenix is doing everything possible to protect him from the furious Ifrit. Unfortunately, the phoenix ripped from the ass to the appetite in the scene is Joshua, the younger brother of FFXVI Protag, Clive.

And just like in NGE with Shinj and Eva Unit 01, this action features a POV rendering of the gigantic Kaiju mounting his opponent and punching him savagely in the face before hitting them with a double arm punch.

The similarities between the actions also cause Clive to ask the Giant Titan to stop his strike, which is even more tragic. Clive’s desperate plea echoes Shinji imploring his father, Gendo Ikari, to stop his Fuse from crushing his friend’s front door after his unit disappears. They’re like poems because they rhyme, you see.

And there you have it: Final Fantasy XVI is not only a video game with a courage and a political cunning similar to the Game of Thrones series of George RR Martin and the explosive action of Devil May Cry, it is also the recent video game to pay homage to the creator of NGE Hideaki Anno trabajo. We like to see him.

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