Most role-playing games don’t give you many opportunities to really get to know your blacksmith, but in one of the most enchanting multi-part missions in Final Fantasy XVI, you need to investigate what is bothering Blackthorne Forge. The most important thing is to unlock and craft the best sword you can get during your first game: Twilight of God.

As with most of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XVI, you will have to create another weapon that will serve as a base, then unlock the recipe and you will have to collect some other ingredients. Since it is such a powerful weapon, it requires rare ingredients that are only acquired through some of the most difficult hunts in the game. But it’s worth it for a sword with an strike and a squad power of 375. So here’s everything you need to do to claim this legendary sword.

Acquisition of the Ragnarök craft recipe and the Twilight of God

Sporadically during the game, the curse-breaking soldier August in Hideaway Central Hub will offer a side quest called “Blacksmith’s sapphires”.”This good-natured fellow recognizes when his partner Blackthorne, the resident blacksmith of the hideout, is sitting in the tip. This happens for the first time during the episode “here are monsters” right after halftime of the game and shortly after the big time jump. August usually has the side quest marker hanging over his head somewhere at the fair near Otto, so stay tuned when that happens.

At first, Blackthorne is intimidated by the skills of a leather worker, but eventually admits that he is worried about his hometown of Dravozd. As with many endgame missions, “Blacksmith’s sapphires IV” sees the city invaded by the zombie Akasha after arriving at chapter 44, “Across the Narrow”, quite after in the game. After helping to defend the city, Blackthorne works with the city’s leader, Zoltan, to make Ragnarök.

With a strength of 325, Ragnarok is one of the best swords in the game, but you can do even better. It’s a good thing that completing “Schmiedesapphires IV” also unlocks the Gotterdämmerung crafting recipe:

  • T-shirts (1)
  • Outdoor Activities (3)
  • Dark steel (2)
  • Primitive action Horn (1)

Where can I find Orihalcum

Several well-known brands of the A and S ranges on the hunting plateau offer Orihalcum as a reward. Therefore, a good place to start is to make sure that you complete them all once they are unlocked. The first opportunity you get is when you get to the story mission “Shadow” about three-quarters of the way through the game when Mid asks for help to build his ship, the Enterprise. Then the hunt “the Worldbreaker” is added to the board for a large fallen construction called Atlas.

The description of the hunting plateau mentions little more than “Ruins of the Rosary.”Quick trip to Eastpool or Martha’s Rest in Rosaria. Then continue along the green sands and continue east along Cressida to the end of the trail, and there you will find Atlas.

Although they are unlocked quite after in the game, the other easiest methods to find more Orihalcum are completing the quest “under a New Direction II” for Isabelle (aka The Lady) in Northreach and the quest “Imperishable Duty II” for Cyril, a member of the Immortal party who dedicates his life to helping the phoenix residing in Tabor. The first part of these two missions is unlocked simultaneously with “Blacksmith’s sapphires IV” once you reach “over the Close”.And the last parts are unlocked as soon as you click on “Return to your Origin”, which is the last chapter before moving on to the grand Finale.

In “Under New Management II”, talk to the Lady and follow the quest markers to talk to Philip and kill Akashic servants in various locations. Cyril’s quest allows you to investigate the whereabouts of a not-found member of the immortals. They go to Mikkelburg, in the east of the Ash continent, where they participate in worship activities.

Alternatively, you can also get Orihalcum from the following hunts:

  • The three-headed terror (Gorgimera) in the desert of Velkroy of Dhalmekia to the west of the observer site in the center of the desert
  • The Lordless Marauder (King Behemoth) in the northeast of the Vidargraes region in Waloed, southwest of the Vidargraes obelisk

The Gorgimera is a Chimera-like enemy with a lion-shaped face and two dragon heads sticking out of its back. You should be able to see them wandering around outside. King Behemoth walks the same way outside. Since both are bigger brands, you may want to use Eikon abilities like boost, lightning rod, rhyme, Will-o-The-Wykes, and air boom to deal constant passive damage while performing other strikes. The rope is also worth it, because it is difficult to miss such an important goal.

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