Diablo IV is about defeating evil and pressing the same buttons over and over to damage the enemy hordes in the hope of dropping a new sword or a new pair of boots stronger than the ones you already have. But what is the rarest and most powerful equipment you can get in the action role-playing game? A Blizzard developer has finally revealed that there are exactly six ultra-rare unique items that most players will probably never see in their collective millions of hours with the game.

The best equipment in Diablo IV is called unique pieces. Each of them has specific affixes instead of those thrown randomly, and their powers cannot be extracted to be added to other equipment. These are indeed the most powerful elements of the game, offering the most powerful combination of stats and abilities for every location you go to. They are also incredibly rare, which is why some players thought they had been disturbed, or maybe not even in the game yet, while only a few were seen in the wild after millions of players started the endgame of Diablo IV in the weeks after its release.

So Adam Jackson, Blizzard’s lead class designer for the game, decided to reassure players that the six extremely rare one-of-a-kind pieces really do exist. You just need a lot of luck to get it. “I wanted to clarify some details about the rarest unique items in Diablo 4,” he tweeted on June 24. “1.you can drop enemies from level 85+2. You get them anywhere you can get one time, and they always go down to 820 ipower 3. we currently have 6 in Game 4. they are really weird!”

The six most powerful unique pieces in Diablo IV are the one-handed destiny sword, the two-handed grandfather sword, the starless heaven ring, Andariel’s face helmet, Harlequin’s comb helmet, and Blessed One’s molten heart amulet.

They do things like greatly increase the damage and decrease the expenditure of resources. But most players won’t have to worry about that because they’ll probably never find one.

The first and most obvious question the players asked Jackson was how to handle these unique pieces in the most efficient way. “Any time you get a unique piece, chances are that unique piece will be part of it,” he tweeted. “Therefore, the best way to cultivate them is to create content that offers you the most unique elements for X period.”Since there’s no really obvious way to grind specifically for Grandpa and the rest, it’s basically the equivalent of winning the in-game lottery.

The revelation has led some players to improve drop rates or have a better chance of catching one during certain finals activities. Others like it, these ultra rare prey are in fact ultra rare. Keeping the rates so low conservatively at first allows Blizzard to continue making them more generous in the future, although some players think things are a bit follish right now, especially since unique coins are not redeemable in Diablo IV.

This is all part of the increased tension surrounding the action RPG as it becomes a live multiplayer game rather than an outdated single player experience. Some players have also resisted the idea of having to level up a new hero from scratch every season to progress in the Diablo IV action Pass. For players who just want to right-click until their head drops, this is another justification to keep playing. To everyone, this may seem like a waste of time with a petty gain.

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