The popular fantasy MMO World of Warcraft was criticized for a series of missions aimed at some of the darkest parts of the franchise’s history, and that was not flattering.

To explain as easily as possible to those who do not play World of Warcraft, the mission (called lost soul) was the first part of the game’s public test mode, where players can try missions and other content before going the main game. This included the Time Fractures update, which included a mission that maintained the timeline after an opposing force attempted to change history. The problem is that the story the player must preserve involves a character named Alexstrasza, an ally of the Player’s character who is going through a traumatic event that was an important moment in the game’s story.

Venereal assault content warning

In the mission, the player had to make sure that the demon soul, an artifact used to control dragons, did not move in the timeline and could still be used by the evil Dragon clan. In the World of Warcraft lore, Alexstrasza was linked by the demonic soul to the evil Dragon clan and imbued with strength so that the Clan could use his descendants as workhorses. Polygon has a more detailed explanation of the quest for those who want more details about the lore, but the most important thing is that during the quest, the player had to make sure that a Violation survivor would still endure the traumatic event because it was a Moment in the original timeline. Not only did this draw attention to the messiness of Warcraft lore, but fans were also upset with the way the game dealt with the issue.

The mission as it existed in the PTR indicates exactly what they are preserving, and although Alexstrasza is not happy, she admits that it had to be done for chronological reasons. But beyond this momentary confirmation, the mission sounds sonorously surprising.

Because the reality of it is treated as an awkward footnote at the end of the mission description. Chromie, another ally of the player, facilitates this search and practically looks away and mutters not to say anything to Alexstrasza.

Fans on the game’s forums have commented on the quest, and Blizzard has stated that it wants to adjust or remove the quests based on community feedback.

“We’ve seen the community feedback on some of Chromie’s missions in the time fractures on the PTR and we understand their concerns,” community manager Liam Knapp said in response to the thread. “We have rehearsed and discussed all these missions internally and are in the process of customizing and eliminating them. These changes will be available in a future version of the PTR. Thank you for your comments!”

At the time of writing, the mission has been removed from the PTR, but it remains to be seen what form it will take in the final game. As someone who has experienced World of Warcraft primarily through Osmosis, I am surprised that Activision Blizzard is willing to address such issues after two years of public controversy surrounding its workplace culture involving assertion of venereal harassment and discrimination, which Activision investigated and stated it had never had a “systemic problem of”.Of course, some of these pieces of Warcraft lore are years old and probably deserve a redesign.”, but drawing their attention directly to yourself with a new series of missions is an easy way to make comparisons with the current situation of your company.

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